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Have you ever experienced strange smells coming from your drinking water? It might make you wonder if it is unhealthy to drink, but in reality, while smells coming from your water might make it unappetizing, it is by no means an indicator of danger. In fact, most dangers that can be found in water can’t be identified by smell.

So what might different smells indicate?

If your water smells like bleach or a swimming pool, it means that the water is over-chlorinated. Usually, this is something done in municipal water supplies and shouldn’t be a major concern, but if you want to remove some of it, you can use an activated coal filter.

A smell of rotten eggs probably comes from hydrogen sulfide in your water, which is not harmful, but it could also be an indication of pollution in the water. If you are concerned about your water quality, you can take a sample and send it to a lab for testing.