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Have you been thinking about buying an older home? Many home buyers choose this as an option because they want to fix up a property that is full of character and charm, which many older properties possess. While this may seem like a very exciting project, are you prepared for the issues you will likely encounter in an older house? Let’s take a brief look at some of those issues.

Asbestos could be among the issues you might encounter in an older home.
With the advancement of years and technology, more and more has been discovered about the hazards associated with certain construction materials used in homes years ago. If you are looking at buying an older home, especially if it has had the same owner for a long period of time, you will most probably find at least some of these materials still in the home.

If the home was built during the 1930s to 50s, you may have a problem with asbestos. During this period, asbestos insulation was generally used. In the 1960s and early 70’s aluminum wiring was often used instead of copper wiring. This was found to be defective over time. This means that you may need to replace the electrics and wiring.

Lead paint is another common hazard found in older homes. The danger with this is when the paint chips and peels and turns to dust. This is of particular concern if there are young children in the home.

Radon is yet another problem frequently found in older homes. Although it cannot be detected by sight or smell, it poses a big health risk, especially lung cancer. The good thing is a simple test can determine if the home has high levels of radon or not.

While this is just a few of the possible issues you will find with an older building, it highlights the need to be well aware of what you are getting yourself into with fixing up an old property. Many of these problems will need a professional to take care of them so make sure you budget for this.