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Home Inspectors

You love the house, its the perfect size for your family, deck will be great for entertaining, and everything just seems to fall into place. But after you move in, you may get an unpleasant surprise with your neighbors – and find out why the sellers were ACTUALLY selling their home and moving somewhere else.

Your neighborhood and those you live next to are almost as important a factor as the home itself, and unfortunately there is no “neighbor inspector” like there is a home inspector. . So how can you avoid unpleasant surprises from your neighbors when you move in? Here are a few suggestions:

1: Meet your neighbors when you view the home. You don’t have to go knocking on all the doors, but maybe wave and start a conversation with a few people next door and get a feel for the neighborhood by asking some tactful questions. Always be honest and upfront though.

2: Visit the property at different times and days of the week. A neighborhood at Thursday at noon may be very different than the neighborhood on Saturday at 5pm.

3: Do your research too. Especially if you have kids, and even if it is the nicest neighborhood in the world, do some research and see if there are some areas you want to be careful of. Look at crime rates, sexual offenders, and other factors that are typically online and free for the most part.

Doing this will help you get into the right neighborhood.