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Homeowners stage their home to impress potential buyers, create amazing experiences during home showings, and make gorgeous listing photos. Did you realize those home inspectors are unintentionally impressed with the look and smell of a staged home too?

Here are a few ways to impress your home inspector and anyone else who enters your staged home.

How to create an impressive staged home:

  1. Depersonalization: We all love to display family pictures and our children’s artwork in the fridge. But when staging our homes we want to depersonalize snd keep those entering our homes guessing about things like, how many kids we have the places we’ve traveled to, and even how many pets we might have. It also most often makes for a more neutral looking home and allows the bare bones of the house to steal the focus.
  1. Declutter: It’s very easy to acquire lots of unnecessary things and accumulate things that are stored on the surfaces and countertops. Homes are more inviting and appealing to the senses when surfaces are clear of clutter. This is accomplished very easily when we have 3 or fewer items on every countertop and surface. Clean and clutter-free spaces look so good.
  1. Clean and Clear the Air: Nothing looks better to anyone walking through your door than a clean home that smells equally as good. Ignite their senses by burning a sweet-smelling candle or use a diffuser to mist essential oils with inviting fragrances. Home inspectors and buyers alike will surely be drawn to the sights and smell of a freshly clean home. So be sure to clean clean clean before any home showing or home inspection.

So if you didn’t realize staging your home impresses more than just the potential buyer, you do now. Happy home staging.