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Every homeowner needs to invest in a home toolbox. Initially, you want to make sure you have the basics, and overtime as you start to take on more projects you can add to your toolbox.

Here, we focus on some basic tools that you should have on hand. With the tools mentioned here, you can fix almost anything, and remember these are simply the basics essentials for the homeowner toolbox.

First off, invest in a really good toolbox to start, one that has a nice metal latch that closes securely. A good toolbox will have removable trays and allow you to organize things very neatly. It will be durable and sturdy as well.

Be sure to have a good screwdriver set. These will come in handy to tighten hardware, install new light switches, etc. A nice 10 piece set will come with a variety of head sizes. You also want to make sure that you have a tape measure and duct tape in your arsenal.

Other basic tools involve a hammer, flashlight, a good set of pliers, a utility, and a putty knife just to name a few.

You’ll find yourself needing to tighten and assemble all types of things at home. A good adjustable wrench would be an important piece to add to your toolbox as well as a basic handsaw. This will always come in handy and it’s a little less intimidating than a power saw.

Over time you may find that you want to start investing in even fancier tools. But this is a basic list of tools to get you started. Have fun with your toolbox.