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Are you ready to take your shower from an ordinary to a spa-like sanctuary? There are several ways that you can include a spa-like experience in the shower at home. Note some of the ideas that will lead you to this desired place.

  1. Consider a rain shower head. Water will fall vertically rather than at an angle so it mimics the waterfall or like showering in the rain. This fixture can be mounted either to the ceiling or the wall.
  2. A steam shower gives you all the benefits of a steam room without the cost.  A steam shower uses very little water but gives you a great steam experience. Steam showers require a generator to create the steam. 
  3. A body sprayer is another way to elevate a spot like an experience in the shower. They supply extra cleansing power and water pressure. If you or someone in your home takes long showers your water bill will increase. Especially if you’re using the body spray or throughout the duration of the shower.
  4. Bench seats it’s really nice and it pairs well with the steam shower. It creates a nice plus place to rest your feet while shaving and it gives you more of a spa-like environment over the ordinary shower.

Showers are an important part of our day they leave us feeling refreshed and wash away all the anxieties of the day. The master bedroom is our sanctuary and you can enjoy several luxuries in your own home.